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i thought "y'all" was a Texas thing, and that everyone who said it was appropriating it from is Texans.

How do you appropriate words? Y’all is a contraction of ‘you’ and ‘all’. It’s legit.








"He’s Not a feminist but he would advocate for equal rights and treatment for women"
So basically feminism?


imageoh really?

Unless he calls himself a…





Made an info graph today..

- fraudulentfeminist

And in case you’re wondering what evidence we have that the wage gap is an inaccurate myth made up to portray “sexism” or “discrimination” in society:

Here is a comprehensive look at the falsehood of the wage gap, prepared for the government specifically, 95 pages. Enjoy

Here are some by women

US Department of Labor


The Gender Pay Gap is a Complete Myth

Gender pay gap is not what activists claim

Equal pay statistics are bogus because they don’t compare like with like

Fair Pay Isn’t Always Equal Pay

The Wage Gap Myth

Don’t Blame Discrimination for Gender Wage Gap

The pay inequality myth: Women are more equal than you think

Women Now a Majority in American Workplaces

Labor force participation rate for men has never been lower.

Share of Men in Labor Force at All-Time Low

Women In Tech Make More Money And Land Better Jobs Than Men

Female U.S. corporate directors out-earn men: study

Female CEOs outearned men in 2009.

Women between ages 21 and 30 working full-time made 117% of men’s wages.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, single women between 22 and 30 years old earn an average of $27,000 a year. That’s 8% more than comparable men.

Workplace Salaries: At Last, Women on Top,8599,2015274,00.html

Young Women’s Pay Exceeds Male Peers

The 15 Jobs Where Women Earn More Than Men

women aged between 22 and 29 earn over £10 per hour on average, compared to men their same age who earn just under this amount.—news-800761492

Young women now earn more than men in UK

The only chairwoman in the FTSE 100 index of biggest British companies, when asked about government efforts to force companies to make at least 25% of board member to be female said: “there’s no real evidence to suggest women being on a board makes the companies any better – what we’re doing here is forcing an experiment.”

This was further supported in the book “Why Men Earn More” by Warren Farrell, Ph.D., examined 25 career/life choices men and women make (hours, commute times, etc.) that lead to men earning more and women having more balanced lives, and that showed how men in surveys prioritize money while women prioritize flexibility, shorter hours, shorter commutes, less physical risk and other factors conducive to their choice to be primary parents, an option men still largely don’t have. That is why never-married childless women outearn their male counterparts, and female corporate directors now outearn their male counterparts.…

Farrell also lists dozens of careers, including fields of science, where women outearn men. Women simply have more options than men to be primary parents, and many of them exercise that option rather than work long, stressful hours. That is why 57% of female graduates of Stanford and Harvard left the workforce within 15 years of entry into the workforce.

This is an option few men have (try being a single male and telling women on the first date that you want to stay home).

Blaming men for women’s choices is unfair. In fact research shows most men have no problem with their wives outearning them.

Research also shows most working dads would quit or take a pay cut to spend more time with kids if their spouses could support the family.

Research also shows that parents share workloads more when mothers allow men to be primary parents.

ABC News: “Is the Wage Gap Women’s Choice? Research Suggests Career Decisions, Not Sex Bias, Are at Root of Pay Disparity”

There is also the myth that women are kept out of certain more lucrative fields by sexism. The truth is that women stay away from math out of their own free choice

Women In Science: No Discrimination, Says Cornell Study

Let’s be real about the lack of women in tech

Here are some by women

US Department of Labor

It’s time to put an end to the sexist wage gap myth.

But can we also look at the different carriers put down? That even shows the sexism exists. Men can’t be a pastry chef, and women aren’t cardiologists. SERIOUSLY?!?! 

…no. Men and women can be whatever they want IF THEY CHOOSE TO BE. people choices do not equate to oppression.
Does society tell people to go to different jobs? Yeah. Do you have to listen to society? No.

Have you ever crashed before? If so, what was that like?


Through obstructions. Into the occasional Autobot. Nothing that made for a particularly noteworthy experience.

Newsparks are known for crashing with relative frequency; tank-frames somewhat less so, given that we move more slowly and with more traction than the majority of wheeled grounders. I also spent more time indoors, in my bipedal form, than most.

But I do recall one instance…

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I knew it.


I knew it.


if you ever feel unimportant just read this page on the blues clues wiki


if you ever feel unimportant just read this page on the blues clues wiki


Nighty night!

I'm exhausted and have no motivation whatsoever to get my work done, and it has to be done tomorrow. Can you think of anything that could somehow inspire me to finish all this stuff?


The euphoria that will ensue when you finally have it done, and it’s off your plate for good. 



How come Jack had to be in a space suit to visit Cybertron, while in Beast Hunters they didn’t wear anything at all?

They were in special containers and on a space ship respectivly.




Baby got a bath today~

How did you get a dinosaur


This is my child! Please ask your parents about the dino and the egg!!!



hello if you are confused or uncomfortable today please gaze at these kittens





I play a very dangerous game

it’s not my fault people have the gall to make attractive OCs

"Shh I’m gonna try and get that for you"is the single best description for my relationship with my OC ever

This need to be expanded upon! I must know! Do the OCs get together!?!?! @_@ I must know!




I can’t take TFP Starscream seriously,even more so after the episode Chain of Command.

Though now all I want to see is Predaking with a plushie of Starscream and tossing that around.

Walk into the room, stuffing is everywhere, Predaking is still chewing on the remains.

Good god watch it be Starscream walking into the room.

Predaking would look smug as shit as he sets the remains on fire.









Welcome to Tumblr.

Holy shit this is the most accurate post I have ever seen in my life

wait…this is a completely different gif set on my blog…

Reblog this and then check it on your Tumblr. Go on, do it.


What? How? O_O


doing this mostly because I’m curious…